Body Attunement through Touch
With heightened awareness, we come to recognize the lifelong strategies our bodies have developed for handling the challenges of every day living, both physical and spiritual. Healing is the result of this growth in awareness.

Through breath and focus, Celeste Yacoboni shares her energy with clients, supporting their renewal and growth. Her approach is not to "fix" but rather support the client as a witness in his or her unfolding body awareness. This process opens and accelerates self-acceptance, release and transformation.

Benefits of Inspired Healing
Celeste provides a safe and serene environment for your healing. Her compassionate listening touch promotes:

  • breath connection
  • tissue rejuvenation
  • alleviation of tension
  • release of stagnant energy and recovery of energy flow
  • increased body awareness

Each session is tailored to your individual needs and includes multiple modalities.