"Celeste's hands and breathing take you where you need to go in your body, connecting you deeply into your core. In moving blocked energy from the body and drawing pain to the surface for release, she creates space deep within the self to more truly anchor the soul. It is celestial body healing that takes you home to yourself and you never want to leave".

Amanda Maia

"Celeste walks her talk. She is open, curious, and very caring. She creates a safe space for my many internal voices to quiet themselves. She knows how to step aside and allow my natural intelligence to witness the flowering of my natural affinity to heal."

Alexana Hope

"Celeste's bodywork is heavenly. I go into that deep state of healing and emerge transformed."

Kerrilyn Chew

"My experience of Celeste's bodywork has been extraordinary. A natural intuition exudes form her hands to carry clients into realms of healing and deep contact within the self. She is a generous and gracious practitioner."

Caryn Diel
Director of White Cloud Institute